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May 28, 2018
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Jun 07, 2018
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A Bouncing Baby Girl!


Red Necked Wallabies

We are ready to announce our newest additions to the Zoo and we are excited. Meet Ruby and Oliver (Ollie).. and what's that?... A BABY!?! Look really close at mom and you can see her joey's head popping out! 

Red necked wallabies are macropod marsupials and they are found in eastern Australia. They carry their young in their pouch for up to 9 months (but you'll start to see them popping their head out around 3 months). Our little baby is out of the pouch most of the time now, so you'll be able to spot her on your next visit.

We want to thank you for your participation in our recent online naming contest. The winning name is Roo! Make sure you hop on by and say hi to little Roo on your next visit! 

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