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Jun 07, 2018
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Sep 18, 2018
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National Zookeeper week!


Thank you Keepers!

HAPPY NATIONAL ZOOKEEPER WEEK! We want to take a moment to thank all the hard work Zookeepers give to our animals of Greater Saint John Cherry Brook Zoo! The animals that reside at your Zoo are very well cared for, loved, and cherished by our Zookeepers of the past and present.

We wanted to take a minute to thank the hours and years of service, whether you worked as a summer student, a part-time or full-time keeper, a co-op student or a volunteer! Your love and passion shines through and the animals feel it.

We want to feel the love!! Post stories and memories on our Facebook page of positive experiences you've had with a zookeeper! How they impacted you or educated you, we want to hear about it and be encouraged! Also, tag someone that worked/volunteered with the animals at the Cherry Brook Zoo so we can acknowledge them and thank them 

You can even send us an email about a positive experience from the past or present at 

Remember, This Is Our Zoo!

~Life is Beautiful, Experience it~


Your Zoo, 1st nationally accredited in Atlantic area, is one of only 31 such zoos in Canada.

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