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Newest Addition, Chewy!


Newest Addition, Chewy!

Alpacas are adorable and curly-haired creatures and we have three named Button, Polley, and Frankie; however, we were expecting a fourth addition! They have a long gestation period of 11-12 months, meaning they carry the baby for almost a year, so it was a long and very anticipated wait for us! 

The day finally came on January 11th, 2018, when we came in to work with a pleasant surprise: a long-legged, fuzzy baby girl with the biggest brown eyes. As it is a very exciting time to have a new baby animal born at the zoo, we had a hard time choosing a name, and thus we left it up to the public to submit their name suggestions. We had well over 100 names, which we narrowed down to 5 and put them into a poll for the public to vote on. After a week of voting, the name that came out on top with a 54% vote was Chewpaca, aka Chewy!

Chewy is a wonderful addition to the Zoo. She is full of energy and enjoys running around to show off her speed and agility. While she was growing, bonding with her mother, and climatizing to the cold, she was kept inside their heated building. Her debut was during our March Break event, and now she is available for viewing every day. She is growing like a weed, so if you have not stopped by to see her and would like to see her while she is small, now is the time!


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