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Nov 17, 2017
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Nov 19, 2017
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As the days grow shorter and continuously become colder, and the anticipation for the first snowfall begins, the most common question that we get from our visitors is “when do you close for the season?”. The truth is we don’t! We are open year-round, and our hours will be changing to 10am-4pm from November to March. Most of our animals are still available for viewing during the season, in fact, winter is the time to shine for some of our animals, mainly our big cats!

Lexie, our Snow Leopard, becomes active and will frolic in the snow, as do Aslan and Frieda, our African Lions. This will be Uno and Luna’s, our Siberian Tigers, first winter with us and we are eager to see how they enjoy the snow too! A lot of our animals grow in their thick winter coats and they are extra fuzzy, which makes them look even more adorable than they already are. The only animals that are off display for the winter are the birds (the Peacocks, Turkeys, Silkie Chickens, and Indian Runner Ducks) and Porky and Rosie, our Pot Bellied Pigs, as it is too cold for them to be outside. The remainder of our animals have access to their outdoor enclosures to play in the snow, but they always have the choice of going into their heated buildings to warm up.

If you are bored of hibernating, have nothing else to watch on Netflix and want to get your body moving,  feel free to come visit the animals! The zoo is open 7 days a week, with the exception of Christmas Day and inclement weather. It is a nice and refreshing walk to help shake off that cabin fever. We hope you stop by!


Your Zoo, 1st nationally accredited in Atlantic area, is one of only 31 such zoos in Canada.

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